RELSTAY-made city guide

The famous Brera District in Milan is relatively small compared to other well-known touristy areas of the city, but never fails to charm its visitors with its picturesque corners and bohemienne atmosphere, which almost gives Soho and Lower Manhattan’s vibes. With its vibrant colors and its artistic heritage, this neighborhood will conquer every heart. Continue Reading >

If you decide to visit Milan, it’s unlikely that your guidebook will suggest you to spend more than a couple of hours in the neighbourhood around Arco della Pace and Parco Sempione, other than to visit the famous Castello Sforzesco. This is because…Continue Reading >

From the Roman Empire to skyscrapers, this neighbourhood has always been of great interest for the city of Milan, even though the latest and most important renovation is what turned it into one of the most visitedContinue Reading >

Every city in Italy, from the little villages all the way to the large metropolis like Milan, has a Saint Patron, who is supposedly and historically bound to the city as a protector. Saint Ambrogio is, as a matter of fact, Milan’s Patron: he is celebrated on….Continue Reading >

Piazza Duomo, Piazza San Babila and the “quadrilatero della moda” are considered to be the most exclusive areas of Milan, being the very heart of the city. From monuments and churches to interesting museum and fancy stores…Continue Reading >

This is by far one of the most convenient residential neighbourhoods in town, with an elegant facade and a practical essence: its buildings are mostly from the 30s and 40s, though all renovated in order to fit among the more modern ones, creating a combination of stylish and sophisticated architecture. Moreover, the area offers…Continue Reading >

When talking about the area surrounding our RELSTAY accommodation located on Via San Vittore, in the heart of the Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood, we already touched on a few important notions regarding Milan’s Saint Patron. Nevertheless, while refreshing some of the history, we will dive here into modern day traditions…Continue Reading >